Housing is essential for normal healthy living It forms an indispensable part of ensuring human dignity.Suitable housing is more than just the four walls of a room and a roof over one’s head. It fulfills deep-seated psychological needs for privacy and personal space; physical needs for security and protection from inclement weather; and social needs for basic gathering points where important relationships are forged and nurtured. A home is one of the most important things in a family’s life. Sadly, not everyone has the privilege of having one. This is especially true in Mozambique,which remains one of the poorest countries in the world.

Pilot project was an initiative that started in the beginning of 2015 and the focus was to improve the building technics existing in the village of Nhangau outside the city of Beira in the central area of Mozambique. Everybody has the right to have a safe and secure home. Majority of the people lives in rural areas and build their homes using local materials. Many homes get damaged during the rain season as they aren’t water-resistant enough, we felt a need to try and find a solution to this challenge. By improving the ways of building we could make safer and more water-resistant homes and fight climate change.

This project was to make a model house and see how it would handle the rain season. Volunteers from Sweden and Mozambique exchanged knowledge with each other and worked together to come up with solutions. As we couldn´t find any research showing how a foundation made entirely by crushed glass,tires and bags would handle both rain and weight of the house we felt it was needed to build this house and let time tell us. If we could turn glass into a foundation we could turn this waste into something valuable and get less glass in the streets and nature





By sharing knowledge with each other and teaching a small group of people from the community in how to build this way we started to spread this building technique. We have managed to create a blueprint of the costs and the process on how to build houses like this. We share this information with whoever wants to build the same type of houses. We believe that sharing knowledge is very important in development and the more organizations that wants to improve the housing challenges in Mozambique the better. Project Vita is working to improve the living conditions of people living in poverty by supporting them and teaching them build stronger, more water-resistent homes. Rather than come up with something entirely new, we incorporate traditional methods with modern techniques. By combining recycled and local materials, we can give the poorest of the poor better homes, where they can get sunlight during the day and restful sleep at night without worrying about the wind and rain..

Vlogg clips from the project where you can see the start of our journey.
Week 1: https://vimeo.com/123534700
Week 2: https://vimeo.com/123754267
Week 3: https://vimeo.com/124297867
Week 4: https://vimeo.com/125052611
Week 5: https://vimeo.com/125550498
Week 6: https://vimeo.com/277432134
Week 7: https://vimeo.com/127067811
Week 8: https://vimeo.com/128058798

 Summary clip from the project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1MZYoVP4zKY