6 improved homes made from the technique learned in 2015 but with more improvements and changes to make the house even more water-resident. Blue print made of how to build, price and time to get one house up. This is so we can share our knowledge with other people wanting to improve the housing challenges and build houses in the rural areas. In the end we all have the right to sleep in a safe environment, therefor we should have housing projects focusing on giving people living in poverty a safer and more water-resident home.

By spreading this technique to other parts of the country we can give more families the chance of sleeping better. By taking care of our environment and using local and recycle material we are also taking care of our selves. We only have one planet and we have one life there for we should understand we all are one and should there for care and help each other make our tomorrows better no matter rich or poor.

Video clip from the project: