Not everyone has the same opportunities in life as those in more developed countries. In developed countries, people have access to schools, healthcare, enough food on the table each day, clean water, safe homes and jobs.  We all should have access to these things, but this is far from reality for many in Mozambique.

Most people in Mozambique experience bad living conditions and poverty, and their most basic survival needs go unmet. Home is where we should feel safe. It’s where children should be able to do their homework and where they reenergize for another day at school. Home is where families come together, cook their meals, eat and talk about the day’s experiences. But in Mozambique, most live under the poverty rate. That must change. But how do we learn from each other and the needs to better support communities?

At Project Vita we believe that we can only make meaningful changes in others’ lives by walking in their shoes! Our supporters and volunteers are strongly encouraged to join us as we work with the community so that they can better understand the needs of the people they are helping. Only by working, living, and walking side by side can we truly understand and help each other!