In today’s world, there are those who have greater access to knowledge than others. Internet access provides individuals a virtual library on their phones or computers. If they have a question about something, they can just type that question into a search engine on the internet and have an answer in seconds. If you want to learn how to build a stove or a house, or how to make agriculture more efficient, they can get that information easily. But not everyone in the world is that fortunate.  

Mozambique is one of the world’s poorest countries, and most of the people live in rural areas. Not everybody has access to electricity, has a phone, or can afford to send children to school. As a result, it´s hard for people to access the knowledge they could use to improve their living conditions.

At Project Vita, development comes from closing the knowledge gap between those who have access to knowledge and those who do not. Our program brings knowledge and techniques from overseas through a network of foreign volunteers who adapt their methods to the local community’s traditional methods, helping empower members of the community to improve their lives. By sharing knowledge and experiences we can learn from each other on how to create a better tomorrow.
Many factors go into improving one’s life, and we believe that one of those factors is knowledge.