Who We Are
Project Vita is a non-profit organization that has it roots in Sweden and Mozambique. 


  Our Vision
Inspiring all people to personal development and behavioral change by implementing cross-cultural sustainable development solutions. 


How We Work
At Project Vita, development comes from closing knowledge gaps between those who have access to knowledge and those who do not. For each project we form a team of foreign and local volunteers who work side by side to develop the community. We run a program that brings technical knowledge and building techniques together.


What We Do

Together with the community, Project Vita finds solutions to everyday challenges by introducing new techniques and technologies that can then be reproduced sustainably at low cost by community members to improve their quality of life.

We believe the secret to sustainable leapfrog development is knowledge sharing. By creating a bridge between communities and volunteers, we aim to adapt their knowledge to local methods in order to empower community members to improve their living standard.


What We Believe
We believe that we can only make meaningful changes in other peoples lives if we walk in their shoes! Our supporters and volunteers are strongly encouraged to come live with us in the community to get a deeper understanding of the needs of the people whose lives they are helping. Only by working, living and walking side by side can we truly understand and help each other!