In 2018/2019 the two students David Lindqvist and Hampus Nilsson travelled to Mozambique to write their Master Thesis as a field study. They both studied Mechanical Engineering at the Royal Institute of Technology, KTH. David studied the masters programme Industrial Management with Energy Technology as his technical profile, while Hampus studied the masters programme Sustainable Energy Engineering with the profile Sustainable Power Generation. The title of their Master Thesis is; Small Scale Power Generation in the village of Linga Linga, Mozambique. It was funded by Sida, Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, as part of their Minor Field Study programme, MFS.

The medical clinic in Linga Linga had been standing finished for over some years but had not been opened due to it was missing electricity to run a refrigerator and the lightning. Closest medical treatment for the people living in Linga Linga was to travel to the closest city, which is a distance of at least 30 km away. Most people in the village lack transportation possibilities, except taking the local minibuses. Having a clinic in the village would make it possible for the people to seek help earlier before medical conditions would have worsened. David and Hampus began their study by investigating what would be the best power solution for the clinic, one took into great consideration that it should be built using locally available materials and that the energy should be renewable. The students chose between the power solutions of solar, wind, hydro and biomass.

It was decided to install a solar power solution since it had the most favourable aspects for the location. A large solar panel was installed next to the medical clinic together with batteries to store energy. It was dimensioned to be able to cool a refrigerator and light the building inside and outside. The new solar panels made it possible to open the medical clinic in June 2019. Local leaders representing the Government have gotten interested in the project and now wants Project Vita to build a maternity clinic next to the medical clinic.