Jeanna Peebo and Alexandra Kosovic went in 2019 on a field study toInhambane and Maputo in Mozambique through our organization. They were twostudents from the Royal Institute of Technology, KTH in Stockholm andstudied the Engineering Programme; Industrial Economics and ManagementComputer Science. Their field study was funded by Sida, SwedishInternational Development Cooperation Agency, as part of their Minor FieldStudy programme, MFS. The title of their Bachelor Thesis is; GSM BasedTechnology as a Tool to Reach Higher Financial Inclusion in Rural Areas – TheDigitising of Savings Groups.

The students were toinvestigate how one could through the usage of mobile applications contributeto women empowerment for women living in rural areas of Mozambique. Duringtheir research on-sight in Inhambane they realized that all women theyinterviewed living in the rural areas, saved money through Saving groups. Thesegroups consisted of women from several households, were one was responsible forthe savings of the entire group. These savings could be borrowed by the membersof the group. The students believed there were potential to move saving groupsto a digital platform in order to increase the safety and ease the handling ofthe savings.

Jeanna and Alexandra developed a prototype for saving digitally in groups. In their research one finding was that the women wanted to save in groups since this was part of their collectivistic culture and allowed for the women to have access to larger amount of money than what one would through individual savings. The prototype was adapted to the mobile technology available to the women.