Our team

Frida Schleenvoigt

Chairman of the board of Sweden.

Profession: Social Worker at the social services
Home: Born and raised in Östersund, Sweden. Currently living and working in Gothenburg, Sweden
Dream: The love of learning new things, nature and coffee
The world needs more: A world were people respect and work together for the love of each other and nature

Iman Nyman

Member of the board.

Profession: Socialworker
Home: Born in Lebanon, raised in Sweden and living in Östersund
Dream: To be a part of changing the world, although it can feel impossible, we can do it together. Even the smallest change Will count for something
The world needs more: Everyone can contribute to a better world,its about daring to take the step out from our comfort zone and sphere. Instead open our eyes and understand that the smallest gesture can be world changing for that person or community

Malin Schleenvoigt

Member of the board and treasurer in association

Profession: switchboard operator and coach at Arbetsförmedlingen
Home: Born in Östersund and I live right know in our new house in Slåtteråsen with my boyfriend Andreas, my two lovely children and a cute dog
Dream: One day write a book about relationships in different shapes. I also want to work at my own company some day
The world needs more: Hope and understanding

Sara Flygar

Coordinator Sweden and Secretary USA

Profession: Industrial Design Engineer
Home: Stockholm, Sweden
Dream: Being there for my closest, and hoping to one day develop solutions for people in developing countries
The world needs more: If you have a dream, make it into a goal and define the steps that will help you reach it. That is how you can make your dreams come true

Martina Eichler

Ambassador Sweden - representing Project Vita to inspire and grow value

Profession: Product Development and Innovation Management Engineering Student
Home: Born in Germany, raised in Sweden and living in Europe
Dream: To never stop learning and to make ideas reach their highest potential
The world needs more: Deep breaths and refocus -people are too caught up in their routines that they forget to aim for their goals

Sara Gunnarsson

Digital Content Designer

Profession: Currently studying to be a Digital Content Designer at Medieinstitutet in Stockholm, Sweden
Home: Born and raised in Blekinge, Sweden. Currently living and studying in Stockholm, Sweden
Dream: Change the world together with wise people
The world needs more: Love

Kristoffer Johansson

Head of IT

Profession: Currently studying to be a building engineering at Mittuniversitetet in Östersund
Home: The town of Östersund, which is located in the middle of Sweden
Dream: My son Leo
The world needs more: Self-awareness

Judith Vincent

Social Anthropologist & Community Manager

Profession:Social Anthropology Student
Home: Linköping, Sweden
Dream: Working with intercultural knowledge exchange in order to create a deeper understanding for one another
The world needs more: Empathy and nature conservation

James Rickard

Chairman USA

Profession: IT
Home: Born in Tennesse, USA. Live in Prague, Czechia
Dream: Help people help themselves through knowledge sharing
The world needs more: Courage, people are too afraid of failing when trying to reach their goals. I believe that a lot more people would dare to dream more if they were not afraid of failure

Michel Olofsson

Director/founder and vice-chairman USA

Profession: Bachelor in social science with a major in political science
Home: Born in Mozambique, raised in Sweden and Mozambique
Dream: Create a social change, inspire people to believe and to follow their dreams
The world needs more: positivity, empathy and kindness

Selomon Goitom

USA Ambassador

Profession: Talent Booking Agent, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist
Home: I live in San Diego, CA, USA. I am an Eritrean American
Dream: My dream is to create opportunity
The world needs more: The world needs more education, more understanding, more love

Filmon Kifle

USA Photographer

Profession: I just graduated from University of California Riverside in December 2019. For now, I am a free lance photographer
Home: I currently live in Beaumont, California, USA
Dream: My dream is to be an influencer and to inspire others that anything you set your mind to is possible. I also want to be able to put my friends and family in positions that’ll make them successful
The world needs more: The world needs better people

Manuela Machava

Head Secretary of Project Vita based in Maputo

Profession: Freelancer Translator
Home: Born in Inhambane (Mozambique) and currently living in Maputo
Dream: First, I wish to improve as a human being and develop a clean and wounds free spirit. Then, be able to follow and achieve my goals. I dream of becoming a prosperous person professionally and spiritually
The world needs more: The world needs more people interested in healing it from the wounds created by ourselves. If we could just heal our own wounds and learn to love and care for the others and our planet, this would certainly help a lot; it would be half the battle towards healing the world

Aishwarya Shendre

Architect / Coordinator, India - Consultant to provide better living environment

Profession: Architect - freelancing
Home: Born in India, Currently working in the state Maharashtra from Pune
Dream: To love what I do and do what I love
The world needs more: faith in oneself and acceptance for all

Alessandro Ramarini

Architect & Sustainable Solutions

Profession: Architect & Sustainable Solutions Enthusiast
Home: Rotterdam, Netherlands
Dream: Spread and Design Sustainable Solutions for developing countries through additive manufacturing of "waste" as well as organic materials
The world needs more: Less greed and more compassion for the natural world by taking more conscious decisions when it comes to what we consume and discard.

Simões Mahumane

Design of social Urban and Architectural project and technical assistance in construction process

Profession: Architect and physical planner
Home: MOZAMBIQUE; Maputo - Matola - Fomento
Dream: To be a different professional, who cares about things that really make the difference in people's lives and in my experience and professional attitude
The world needs more: More people who using their knowledge to make difference in their country, working for helping community having basic infrastructures

Nkeshimana Henry Cedrick

Ambassador Mozambique

Profession: Economist, Student
Home: Maputo, Mozambique
Dream: I aspire to design and monitor projects that foster quality of life of poor and vulnerable communities. I also want to empower young people to get involved in their communities and equip them with the tools they need to create positive social changes.
The world needs more: Unity. We are facing social problems that demand cooperation, not division

Edson Luís Filipe Sigauque

Coordinator Mozambique

Profession: Business Consultant and Entrepreneur
Home: Gaza, Mozambique
Dream: To be a national and continental reference in the area of ​​entrepreneurship; Teaching young people to wake up to entrepreneurship, through associationism
The world needs more: Young people, with practical ideas, young people who see opportunities to build Africa and beyond, the world wants action. Youth is the key.