The village Linga Linga is a society with a population of 1200 people, in a rural area of Mozambique in the province Inhambane. The first medical clinic in the village was opened in May 2019, due to which it was given access to electricity through a solar energy project conducted by two students from the Royal Institute of Technology, in Stockholm and us.

It was part of their Master Thesis project as engineers within the field of sustainable energy. The construction of the solar panel in spring 2019 was noticed by local leaders and caught their interest for the medical clinic, since its construction had been paused for several years up until now. The opening of the medical clinic was very appreciated by the people in Linga Linga, since up until then the closest health care facility was to be found in the city Morrumbene, which is a distance of 30 km away from Linga Linga. The majority of the population in Linga Linga lacks access to their own transportation, which makes it difficult to reach health care in Morrumbene.

The lack of transportation possibilities makes it difficult for pregnant women to seek health care during their pregnancy and when it is time to give birth. The alternative for the women is to take local transportation to Morrumbene, which are driven by overly packed mini buses at random times. This causes the women risking having to give birth along the way, which leads to most women give birth in the home instead. The director within health in the municipality Morrumbene has therefore chosen to cooperate with the organization Project Vita to construct a maternity clinic next to the medical clinic in Linga Linga