The students Sara Dibaj and Sarah Yassin from the Royal Institute ofTechnology, KTH travelled in 2019 through our organization to Linga Lingain Mozambique. They were to conduct their Master Thesis as part of theirMasters Programme Industrial Production within Mechanical Engineering.The title of their Master Thesis is; Optimization of Large-Scale Productionof Rural Housing Project in Mozambique with Sustainability in Focus. The project wasfunded within the frame of the Minor Field Study programme, MFS by Sida.

The students were to investigate how Project Vita couldsustainably large-scale produce clay-brick houses for people living in povertyin rural areas of Mozambique. The organization build houses in small-scale butwere interested in seeing how one could scale up the production and how itwould affect the three different aspects of sustainability; economic, socialand environmental. The aim would be to see if one could financially help morepeople in having a durable home, which 13.5 million people in Mozambique lackedat the time the study was conducted.

Sara and Sarah set up a process map for the construction of the house, from the project planning phase to the finalizing of the doors. They studied how Project Vita at the time built their houses and how the process could be optimized. One suggested improvement would be to create a standardized construction method to be shared through an instruction manual, which would minimize the risk for short-term improvised solutions. Based on their study they calculated that 20 houses could be built for the cost of 1 223 927 MZN, which equals to about 19 100 USD.