Following Master Thesis was implemented in 2017/2018 in Quelimane by Sara Flygar and Christian Löfstedt Eriksson. They were at the time two students from the Royal Institute of Technology, KTH in Stockholm, studying the master Integrated Product Design. The title of following Master Thesis is; Implementation of an Anaerobic Digestion System in Quelimane – Sustainable waste management. The project was funded within the frame of the Minor Field Study programme, MFS by Sida,

Quelimane is one of the largest cities in Mozambique and had a problem with their waste management. For a population of about 400 000 people the municipality had 12 people managing the waste created by the city. Therefore, there was a demand for an alternative way of treating the waste. It was decided to narrow down the scope to manage only organic waste, since the majority of the waste belonged to this category. An earlier student from the previous year had developed a prototype for an anaerobic digester, which turns organic waste into biogas so the gas can be used as cooking fuel. The prototype was not functioning and therefore needed a redesign with consideration to be used in small-scale by households living in rural areas.

An improved prototype was built with consideration to the user regarding the usage of local materials and user-friendliness. Information was gathered through interviews, observations and prototype testing. Sara and Christian also considered how the anaerobic digester could be part of the user’s everyday life and how it affected the three aspects of sustainability; economic, social and environmental. An instruction manual was also made which illustrated through text and coloured figures how one could build the system by themselves. A gas stove was modified and lightened using biogas collected from the anaerobic digester into a tire. An engineer from the municipality took over the responsibility of the anaerobic digester after the students left, in order to continue the testing of how to even more efficiently collect the biogas.