Anaerobic Digester Biogas in Quelimane

As our focus is to improve the living standard for people living in the rural areas of Mozambique we are trying to find simple technical solutions for challenges met in everyday life. Cooking is like mentioned before a big problem both for the people and for nature as natural material is used. Regular exposure to smoke from cooking and heating fires is directly linked to severe health impacts. Roughly 4.3 million people die from it every year and smoke in the home is accounting for more deaths each year than AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis combined. Due to their long exposures every day at the home's heart, women and young children are particularly at risk.
We have been helping and supporting students from the Royal institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden with research in how to turn organic waste into biogas by building a simple anaerobic digestion plant using recycled materials to keep the price down, which makes the prototype more accessible for the local population to build due to price and localness. 2017 a student from the Royal Institute of Technology flew to Quelimane and worked on building and teaching people at the municipality on how to build, use and fed the plant. Instead of seeing organic waste as something negative we can inspire people in seeing it as something valuable and as a resource that both can improve the way of cooking and improve lives.