In 2017 one of our students named Silja Lehtinen travelled to Quelimane in Mozambique to build a prototype for an anaerobic digester. She studied at the Royal Institute of Technology, KTH in Stockholm the Engineering Programme Energy and Sustainable Development. Her field study was part of her Bachelor Thesis with the title; Building a Small Scale Anaerobic Digester in Quelimane. The field study built on earlier students’ study of waste management in Quelimane.

The student project conductedin 2016 suggested that an anaerobic digester should be built as part of pilotproject for waste management in households. This could then in the future bescaled up to a production of biogas on municipality level. There was a need forgeneration of biogas both on household and municipality level.

Silja studied how a prototype could be built usinglocal materials so that the prototype could be duplicated if successful. Sheinvestigated what kind of organic waste was available that could be used forthe anaerobic digestion process. Also, she analyzed what design should be usedbased on what was the most suitable for the location and out of thesustainability aspects. The prototype was built, but unfortunately haddifficulties producing enough biogas to be measured. Although, this was animportant first trial for the next student group to investigate further how thedesign could be improved.